About us

Nuenen isn’t just famous because Vincent van Gogh lived and painted there, but also because it was where the first Fiber to the Home network in the Netherlands was rolled out in 2004/2005.

Even though more than half of the Netherlands now has fiber optic connections, nowhere else is the usage of the network as high as in Nuenen. Approximately three-quarters of all households in Nuenen utilize the local network.

The founders envisioned the cooperative model from the start (which has become Coöperatie OnsNet Nuenen, CONN), as well as the establishment of a technical company to manage the network, the NEMN.

Currently, the Dutch incumbent telecomprovider KPN, alongside CONN, is a shareholder of NEMN. CONN not only manages the infrastructure (in collaboration with KPN) but also represents the residents of Nuenen.

As an ambassador and shareholder of the Nuenen fiber optic network, the Coöperatie OnsNet Nuenen aims for a reliable, extensive, and high-quality fiber optic network that is optimally utilized for the people of Nuenen and its community. Several providers are now active in the municipality of Nuenen.

The Board, the General Assembly, and the Technical Committee
The Coöperatie OnsNet Nuenen has a flat organizational structure, consisting of the board, the general assembly, and the technical committee.

Innovative projects / pilots
Where possible, the cooperative initiates innovative initiatives and / or supports innovative pilots in digital service provision in Nuenen.

Interested to pilot your product / idea!
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