About us

Coöperatie OnsNet Nuenen (CONN) is the advocate for the fiber optic network rolled out in Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten. The cooperative consists of a board and its members (more than 7,500 Nuenen residents use the network) who are represented by the members’ council.

As ambassador of Nuenen’s fiber optic network, the OnsNet Nuenen cooperative strives for a reliable, comprehensive and high-quality fiber optic network that is optimally deployed for Nuenen residents and its community.

The CONN has its roots in Nuenen’s society. Where possible, we initiate social initiatives in the field of digital services in Nuenen C.A.. Every user of the fiber optic network can become a member free of charge and thereby exercise influence. We aim for every user to become a member.

Roles and objectives
The Coöperatie OnsNet Nuenen has three different roles:

  • Shareholder role – The shareholder role is fulfilled by overseeing the updating of a high-quality and reliable fiber optic network and letting the financial resources flow back to the Nuenen community in the form of social and innovative projects.
  • Informative role – The CONN wants to be the first to communicate interactively with the Nuenen community about the fulfillment of innovative and social projects, as well as inform about the status of the fiber optic network and developments of the services on it.
  • Social & Innovative role – The CONN has its roots in Nuenen society which enables it to initiate and support social, innovative and digitalization initiatives for use of the fiber optic network regarding culture, care and welfare.

How can you reach us
The cooperative has no daily operations and no office, but of course it can be reached. You can get in touch with OnsNet Nuenen via the contact form on the website or by sending an email to info@connuenen.nl.